Sunday, May 27, 2012


Super late post. Got hire for a quick photo shoot before Graduation. What was a graduation photoshoot, turn into some what a fashion shoot. Jenny in her RED BOTTOMS and that HAIR! SO long. Probably the best portraits I ever took. Since, I do shoot more cars then people. It was super fun. I love make my clients happy. I hope to do more soon. Until next time.

jenny_retouched_2 jenny_retouched

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wheels and Meals 5 @ MVP Arena

Love the new location. Awesome turn out! Enjoy and scroll on! =) _DTR8574 _DTR8625 _DTR8624 _DTR8623 _DTR8622 _DTR8621 _DTR8620 _DTR8619 _DTR8618 _DTR8617 _DTR8615 _DTR8614 _DTR8613 _DTR8612 _DTR8611 _DTR8610 _DTR8608 _DTR8607 _DTR8606 _DTR8605 _DTR8604 _DTR8603 _DTR8602 _DTR8600 _DTR8599 _DTR8598 _DTR8597 _DTR8595 _DTR8594 _DTR8593 _DTR8592 _DTR8591 _DTR8590 _DTR8589 _DTR8586 _DTR8585 _DTR8584 _DTR8583 _DTR8582 _DTR8581 _DTR8580 _DTR8578 _DTR8577 _DTR8576 _DTR8654 _DTR8653 _DTR8651 _DTR8641 _DTR8639 _DTR8636 _DTR8635 _DTR8634 _DTR8633 _DTR8632 _DTR8631 _DTR8627 _DTR8626