Friday, March 9, 2012

Before and After

Showing some before and after. A lot of people dislike Photoshop. I feel like my image turns into a canvas when it's in Photoshop. It allows me to create whatever image I want, as you can see in this image below. I decided to take away the street lamp behind the car. After, I felt like the diesel tanker looked a little plain. So I used a burn tool on the tank. Which gave me a rust spot. I also, burned the ground, headlights, emblem, front grill and I tinted the front window. I am still learning and I hope one day I become as good as other photographers in the game. =D

See you guys in 2 days. Be sure to tune in for LakofSpeed Daily Drivers meet coverage.

Before_After - Copy

Final Image:
350z_after_effects - Copy